Early Childhood Education

Valley Settlement offers a continuum of programs for children zero to five years-old and their parents. These programs fill gaps in service in the community in a population of young children who would otherwise have no preschool experience prior to kindergarten, and is designed to improve school readiness. Every program engages multiple generations. Our programs are based on the belief that the family is the child’s first teacher. We build trusting relationships with families and work together to support the healthy development of their children. Our goal is to increase school readiness through child-centered, bilingual programming, rich in language and social emotional experiences.

We hold twice weekly neighborhood-based classes with our Learning with Love program for infants to three year-olds in which parents and children come together to learn strategies that promote the healthy development of their child well before preschool. Through our El Busesito (The Little Bus) we provide high-quality early childhood experiences for three to five year-olds. Each program includes a parent support component focused on extending learning in the home. We also provide training to neighborhood caregivers through Family, Friends, and Neighbors to increase the quality of experiences that young children are receiving while in care outside their homes.

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