The Manaus Fund receives $25,000 from Marx Family Advised Fund

[Carbondale, CO] – The Manaus Fund is pleased to announce receipt of a grant for $25,000 from the Marx Family Advised Fund at the Aspen Community Foundation, to support its Valley Settlement Project.

The Valley Settlement Project is a multigenerational program focused on school readiness, elementary school achievement, economic stability and community engagement for low-income families who are not successfully settled or attached to the community in which they live. The Valley Settlement Project works to support and empower these families through one-on-one relationships with each family and community partnerships within the Roaring Fork School District.

The Valley Settlement Project’s early childhood education component provides opportunities to a population of young children who would otherwise have no education prior to kindergarten, putting them at high risk for poor school achievement. We provide child-centered, bi-lingual programming rich in language and social, emotional experiences, based on the philosophy that the family is the child’s first teacher. The goal is to cultivate school readiness and improve elementary achievement. Our parent programming addresses the challenges to education for impoverished families—lack of information, fear, childcare issues, economics and accessibility—by offering a variety of community-based adult education and leadership opportunities. The goal is to increase parent economic stability.

Larry and Susan Marx’s relationship with the Valley Settlement Project began in the spring of 2013 and both are excited to continue the partnership. “Valley Settlement Project is doing some incredible work with low-income families; creating learning and engagement opportunities for those who would otherwise not have the access or confidence,” said Larry and Susan agreed, “It’s amazing seeing the changes that Valley Settlement Project makes in these families lives and we are pleased to be partners in this exciting model.” Jon Fox-Rubin, Executive Director of The Manaus Fund, says “We are fortunate to have long-term partners like the Marx’s with a deep belief in our mission and a vision for the future that’s aligned with the work we’re doing today.”

About Marx Family Advised Fund at the Aspen Community Foundation:

Larry Marx, former Board Chair of the Aspen Community Foundation, and his wife, Susan, are well known philanthropists in the Roaring Fork Valley, supporting numerous organizations including the Aspen Art Museum, Aspen Animal Shelter, English in Action & The Manaus Fund to name just a few. They created the Marx Family Advised Fund as a way to continue supporting great non-profits throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.

About The Manaus Fund:

The Manaus Fund was founded by local philanthropist, educator, rancher, photographer, and physicist, George Stranahan. George’s passion has always been social justice and his initial intention was to address inequities that he saw in the philanthropic world. The Manaus Fund is committed to social justice issues, particularly as related to low-income populations. Through one-on-one relationships, The Manaus Fund works to empower people to identify problems, set goals, and become effective leaders to achieve a more just society. The Valley Settlement Project is a working model of this approach.

For more information about The Manaus Fund and Valley Settlement Project, call (970) 963-0851 or visit or