Seeking F.T. El Busesito Assistant Teacher in Basalt

Early Childhood Assistant Teacher in Los Busesitos

Full time 35 hours per week (Mondays 9/3:00 pm, Tuesdays through Fridays approx. 8:45/3:30 pm)

General Description:  The Valley Settlement Project is a project of the Manaus Fund.  The Valley Settlement Project is a dual generation program focused on school readiness, elementary school achievement, economic stability and community engagement for local families.  Our focus is low-income families who are not successfully settled or attached to the community in which they live.  Through community organizing and partnerships with local nonprofits, schools and government agencies, Valley Settlement Project works to support and empower these families.  We believe that we can reduce achievement gaps through this dual generation approach.  Our programs include Learning with Love; for 0-3 year olds and their families, El Busesito; a preschool program for 3-5 year olds, Kinder Connect; a program to connect our preschool families with the schools; Parent Mentors; a program for adults to volunteer in the schools; Parent Mentor Alumni Club and COFI, a program for adults ready to engage in the next level through goal setting.

Busesito Assistant Teacher job Description:

  • Directly support the lead teacher on the Busesito in all aspects of daily operations (Drive, refill gas, pre trip inspection, mileage records…).
  • Build meaningful relationships with families in our community.
  • Interact with and assist children on El Busesito (during choice time or project activities).
  • Support and facilitate curriculum and activities planned.
  • Assist with daily set up, take down and maintenance of the Busesitos or any others necessary task
  • Attend occasional professional development opportunities and Early Childhood Education classes (could be online or through CMC, receipt reimbursed); travel may be necessary.
  • Participate in and support 5 parent nights events.
  • Participate in the parent conferences and discuss the information compiled with the Lead Teacher.
  • Participate in special events such as Graduation, any others Busesito events and all staff monthly meetings.
  • Make weekly phone calls to families when necessary (reminder calls, parent nights or any other event).
  • Follow program calendar and send timesheets, and PTOs with punctuality.
  • Assistant Teachers should communicate directly with their lead teacher partner regarding questions, concerns, issues, absences, vacation time, etc. That lead teacher will communicate directly with the Director of Los Busesitos for any decision making necessary.


  • Early Childhood Education credits 101 and 102 preferred. Minimum of High School Diploma or equivalent (GED) required, with a commitment to complete ECE 101 and 102.
  • Bilingual, with a positive approach to improve English/Spanish.
  • Experiences working with children and families (preferably in Early Childhood Education).
  • Knowledge of Teaching Strategies Gold preferable.
  • Willingness to participate in trainings and continuing education.
  • Computer skills to be able to create flyers or any documents through different word processor (Google drive, excel, word, etc.).
  • Have strong organizational, listening and communication skills, good decision making skills.
  • Must be a collaborative team member, possess good time and stress management skill, a strong work ethic and punctuality.
  • Must be trustworthy and mindful of confidentiality.
  • Ability to check in with supervisor as needed.
  • Possess cultural awareness and sensitivity.
  • Have the ability to interact with children and their families.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Available and reliable vehicle for getting to classes in various locations (mileage reimbursed).
  • Hard working, willing to assist in set-up, take-down, and any others needs to class time.

To Apply:

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Elisabet Rojas via email:

Applications accepted until position is filled.